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Adventure trip at Puerto Rico

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Origen: El Yunque - PuertoRico
Destination: El Yunque - PuertoRico
Capacity: 10
If you don’t really know what canyoning actually entails, think of it as caving in the open air. This adventures follows a river downstream using as many different techniques as posible, such as rappelling, climbing on a Via Ferrata, crossing tyroleans, swimming and jumping from high ledges ... in short, the kind of stirring sensations that are bound to appeal to the child in all of us.

Our Canyoning adventure takes place next to the Caribbean National Forest , better known locally as El Yunque. Our adventure starts with a hike, topped by an entertaining mid-forrest crash course on rappelling and related subjects. Following immediately are thrilling but surprisingly easy Via Ferrata and Monkey Bridge jaunts. These are designed to serve as a warm-up for your next challenge.

You’ll subsequently rappell into a canyon next to a thundering waterfall whose roar will get you totally focused on continuing to the next trial. Then, on the face of a black granite wall, youll do a second via ferrata with a few rock climbing moves between rebar handles. This ín turn, will take you to a “rappell-zipline”. Swishing down a rope you’ll splash into the river, getting yourself acclimated for other challenges ahead, in a completely different element.

More to come: Diving through waterfalls, exciting tyroleans, heart pounding free jumps, and a vertical straight up rock climb.